Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

“We believe that our mission to save and sustain lives is our ultimate statement of corporate responsibility. The global impact of our products, presence and activities will always be assessed through this lens, as we touch the lives of patients, clinicians, communities, employees and other constituencies worldwide." Joe Almeida, Chairman and CEO

For more than 85 years, Baxter has been making a meaningful difference for patients and creating lasting social, environmental and economic value in the communities we serve. Our employees are passionate about our mission, which is reflected in our portfolio of life-saving and sustaining products, our emphasis on environmental stewardship, our commitment to innovation and our uncompromising dedication to responsible business practices.

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Making a Meaningful Difference: The Baxter Corporate Responsibility Report

We are proud of our longstanding dedication to corporate responsibility and committed to sharing information about our priorities, programmes and performance.

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Our Corporate Responsibility Priorities

We have a long-standing commitment to corporate responsibility, which is reflected in our 2020 priorities and goals.

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Driving Sustainability

We are ever conscious of our global impact, including with respect to our employees, our communities where we live and work and the people who use our products. We believe it is our obligation to ensure these commitments are reflected in our global operations.

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Charitable Giving and Grants

We are proud to support initiatives and organisations that make a positive, lasting impact for the underserved.

Increasing access to healthcare, promoting community wellness where our employees live and work, and fostering tomorrow’s innovation are central to our mission to save and sustain lives, and fundamental to the philanthropic focus of the Baxter International Foundation.