Early Career Professionals in the UK

Early Career Professionals in the UK

We actively recruit for a variety of entry points for those new to the work place.  Our programmes are more than a great introduction to Baxter’s environment and culture. Each day will give you a better working knowledge of your fields and valuable insights into the healthcare industry.

The opportunities which are available, provide hands-on experience with engaging projects, mentoring and other opportunities to make a valuable impact on the lives of our patients.



An apprenticeship is a job with development opportunities. Apprenticeships combine practical training with formal study and include the opportunity to work alongside experienced employees, gain job-specific skills and time for study related to your role.

Apprenticeships are available to anyone over the age of 16, living in England, and are supported through the National Apprenticeship Service. There will be different entry requirements depending on the industry, job role and apprenticeship level.

If an apprenticeship is your preferred approach to longer term development, Baxter is committed to providing further opportunities for apprenticeships as individual’s careers progress. The range and levels for these are increasing all the time as we explore the benefit for employees and Baxter. 

Undergraduate Schemes

Our undergraduate programme allows students who have completed their second year to gain hands-on experience and development within a specific area of the business. Through our 12 months’ programme, students gain practical work experience which relates to their studies and career goals. On returning to complete their final year students will benefit from valuable work placed gains which can be applied to the remaining study time. This programme allows opportunity not only to assume responsibility and to make valuable contributions, but also to learn from, work and network with Baxter professionals from a variety of areas across the organisation. 

Careers Fairs

Baxter is committed to partnering with local schools, colleges and universities to attract future talent for vacancies and has run many educational talks. Baxter representatives attending these events will include individuals currently or recently on one of our programmes to ensure attendees have access to Baxter employees who are best placed to provide insights with first-hand stories to share of their experiences.

Work Experience

We offer supervised work experience placements within the UK with the aim of helping students develop knowledge of the healthcare and pharma sector and attracting excellent future recruits. Work experience can be a few days, one week or more. We liaise with schools as well as with individuals, to ensure the schools and students can help shape the best experience for their time with us.

Commercial Leadership Development Programme

The Commercial Leadership Development Programme (CLDP) is committed to building future business leaders with commercial competencies and leadership skills that allow them to successfully drive superior business results in a complex global healthcare environment. The CLDP is designed to provide associates with a solid career foundation that will help shape them into outstanding leaders. Associates will gain valuable experience across Baxter’s businesses, with broad exposure to domestic and global teams through rotational assignments.