The importance of flexible working to support successful business

Baxter have always been supportive of a work life balance. My managers have always been flexible as they know our jobs aren’t your traditional 9-5. When my newborn had to be in ITU for a short while, my manager, colleagues and Baxter were so supportive with compassionate leave and really, just being there when I needed a little bit of help.

Mike, Regional Business Manager

At Baxter, we believe that managers and employees share the responsibility to achieve a healthy blend of work and personal life. We are committed to providing equality of opportunity in employment for our employees and to developing work practices and policies that support work-life balance. We recognise that, in addition to helping employees balance their work and personal lives, flexible working can improve retention, employee morale and reduce absenteeism.

Achieving work-life balance can look impossible, but Baxter has been very supportive in my quest for a fair balance. When I initially came to Baxter, I was offered a part-time role which meant that I could drop the children off at school and pick them up a couple of times a week. I would not have felt comfortable working nearly an hour away from home without this concession. It allowed me to continue my career, feel like a valued member of staff, and be a parent.
More recently, Baxter has again been very supportive in my request to work from home one day a week, ensuring that stress levels are minimised in what is an increasingly difficult balancing act. I am grateful for the support provided by management for all those little things, like school play attendance, which can be made much more difficult without the understanding that balance is key.

Jo, Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate