Baxter Senior Leadership Team Commitment to Addressing Racial Injustice

Press Release


Our focus on Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) at Baxter has never been more compelling or urgent. Racism has been a longstanding and disturbing societal issue, and recent displays of racial injustice toward the Black community have rocked U.S. society to its core – with the impact resonating far beyond. The events are all the worse for playing out against a pandemic that’s compounding health and economic disparities globally.

Too many of us know firsthand the fear, exhaustion and anxiety of racism. And all of us are looking for the right words and actions to demonstrate support among our colleagues, customers, patients and other stakeholders and how to affect meaningful change in our communities.

Our Commitment to Rise to the Moment

As a senior leadership team at Baxter, we are making a commitment to rise to this pivotal moment.  We will continue to stand up against racial prejudice and intolerance. We commit to:

  1. Listen. The simple act of listening is essential and we will commit to having meaningful connections and holding check-ins with our employees and all stakeholders during these challenging times.
  2. Respect differences. Every individual’s experience is different, and we don’t assume all individuals in a certain racial group share the same views and perspectives.   
  3. Learn. Sometimes we may be hesitant to act because we’re afraid to say or do the wrong thing.  We will continue to educate ourselves to ease these fears.
  4. Check biases. We will continuously check our biases, which can seep into our decision-making, affecting whom we hire, how we interact, who gets promoted, and more.
  5. Speak up. If any of us experience, witness, or become aware of racism, bias, or discrimination, we will demonstrate the courage to speak up, address these situations and if appropriate, report situations through our ethics and compliance channels.  We will encourage our stakeholders to do the same.

As a corporation, it is incumbent on us to do what we can to fight racial injustice.  As a leadership team, we are each accountable for role modeling inclusive leadership. We will harness the power of diversity worldwide in support of our Mission to Save and Sustain Lives.

Joe Almeida
Chairman, President and
Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Goldney
Vice President, Europe,
Medication Delivery and
Sumant Ramachandra
President, Pharmaceuticals,
and Senior Vice President,
Chief Science and 
Technology Officer
Giuseppe Accogli
Senior Vice President,
and President, Americas
Tobi Karchmer
Vice President, Medical
Affairs and Clinical
Reaz Rasul
General Manager,
Acute Therapies
Laura Angelini
General Manager,
Renal Care
Heather Knight
General Manager,
U.S. Hospital Products
Philippe Reale
Vice President,
Planning and Fulfillment
David Bondi
Chief Procurement
Jackie Kunzler
Senior Vice President,
Chief Quality Officer
David Roman
Vice President, Strategy,
Financial Planning and
Wil Boren
Advanced Surgery
Karen Leets
Senior Vice President
and Treasurer
Jay Sacarro
Executive Vice President
and Chief Financial Officer
Gavin Campbell
General Manager,
U.S. Renal
Paul Martin
Senior Vice President and
Chief Information Officer
JV Schwan
Deputy General Counsel,
Government Affairs
Dennis Crowley
Senior Vice President,
Business Development
and Licensing
Sean Martin
Senior Vice President
and General Counsel
Cathy Skala
Vice President, Business
Transformation Office
Stacey Eisen
Senior Vice President,
Global Communications,
and President, Baxter
International Foundation
Jeanne Mason
Senior Vice President,
Human Resources
Brian Stevens
Senior Vice President,
Chief Accounting Officer
and Controller
Robert Felicelli
Head of Global Services
Ellen McIntosh
Senior Vice President and
Corporate Secretary
Clare Trachtman
Vice President, 
Investor Relations
David Ferguson
General Manager,
Medication Delivery
Lynn Pawelski
Vice President, Global
Regulatory Affairs
Jorge Vasseur
General Manager,
Clinical Nutrition
Cristiano Franzi
Senior Vice President
and President, EMEA
Bob Reed
Vice President,
Global Operations
Shirley Xu
General Manager,
Greater China
Andy Frye
Senior Vice President
and President, APAC