Baxter Announces Partnership With Zeosys Medical to Bring Innovative, Environmentally Friendly Anaesthesia Gas Recapture Technology to Hospitals

Press Release
  • Facilitates efficient capture and recycling of anaesthetic gases

  • Helps hospitals achieve waste reduction and environmental sustainability goals

  • Versatile design integrates with existing anaesthesia systems in a variety of clinical settings


Compton, UK -

Baxter International Inc. (NYSE:BAX), a global leader in sterile medication production and delivery, today announced a definitive agreement with ZeoSys Medical to commercialise technology to capture and recycle anaesthetic gases. The agreement provides Baxter with worldwide distribution rights and an exclusive license to commercialise the technology outside of Europe, as well as an exclusive option to acquire ZeoSys Medical.

The ZeoSys Medical anaesthetic gas recapture technology consists of two components: The CONTRAfluran™ canister separates anaesthetic gas from expired air for safe capture and storage, and the SENSOfluran™ Fill Level Control Unit1 monitors canister status to signal for timely canister exchange. Both components are designed to work with existing anaesthesia machines and feature simple installation in a variety of clinical settings, including operating theatres and surgical suites.

Once canisters are full, Baxter will replace them and ship the used canisters to a specialised facility that separates the used anaesthetic from the canister. The two companies are actively completing the development and regulatory approvals to sterilise and reprocess the gas into licensed medicinal product, creating a full circular economy system for inhaled anaesthetics.

“Baxter is proud to work with hospitals to help them increase efficiency, reduce waste and minimise environmental impact,” said Andrew Goldney, vice president of Baxter’s Medication Delivery and Pharmaceuticals businesses in Europe. “Through specialised training in low-flow administration of anaesthesia, and now introducing gas recapture technology, hospitals can choose an inhaled anaesthetic based on clinical benefits that best meet both patient needs and more sustainable health care goals.”

Inhaled anaesthetics are critically important agents in performing surgical procedures for patients. Baxter is a leading manufacturer of products for general anaesthesia.

The CONTRAfluran and SENSOfluran technology is expected to be available from Baxter in the third quarter of 2020 as part of a phased launch in select European countries, with forthcoming launches in additional markets around the globe. Additional terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

  1. ZeoSys Medical GmbH. CONTRAfluran™ Instructions for Use. Luckenwalde, Germany.

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